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2022-23 Indoor Winter Recreational Program

The Registration "2022-23 Indoor Winter Recreational Program" is not currently available.

About Recreational

Whether they dream of playing for Canada’s National Teams or simply want to have fun with their friends, taking the right approach to the game when children are young sets the stage for a lifetime of enjoyment. For players under the age of 12, many of whom are lacing up cleats for the first time, the goal of this approach is simple: The CYS Player pathway follows The Canada Soccer pathway and provides a roadmap for players of all ages and aspirations who want to play soccer at the recreational, competitive or high performance levels, with the aim of encouraging lifelong participation. The Pathway is built around the principles of Long-Term Player Development (LTPD).

LTPD is a model of athlete development that parallels what doctors and psychologists have long used to better understand human development: as a series of distinct stages, which take us from infancy through adulthood.

A person’s abilities, behaviour and emotions, as well as their understanding of the world around them, varies from stage to stage. When young soccer players are able to train and compete in an environment that’s appropriate to their stage of development, they not only perform at their best, they also have more fun.

Looking For More Development?

If your U8-U12 Player (born 2011-2015) is looking for more development focused programs, we have 2 great options for you!

Skill Centre / Pathway Discover Program (Competitive Teams)

If your player is looking to compete at elite levels (OPDL or Competitive) as they make their way through their player pathway, Skill Centre is the place for them. With a focus on individual & team skill & knowledge development, our Skill Centre players will get a feel for what it means to be a part of an elite environment, preparing them for the next step. This program would be in replace of Indoor RecreationalCLICK HERE to learn more or Contact our Skill Centre Manager Jon Morgan to see if there is still space for your player for the 2023 Season.

Futsal Technical Development Program

*Fall Program Full & Limited Spaced remaining in Winter Program* There are proven benefits to playing Futsal for the Technical Skill Development of young players, with each Session including a combination of technical skills, paired work in passing skills, Futsal Core Moves and Game Play in the GAG Methodology using the four-corner approach. This program can be added as an addition to Indoor Recreational. CLICK HERE to learn more.

Financial Assistance

We know the price of sport programs can sometimes be overwhelming. The good news is we work with many third-party organizations that provide amazing financial support. Click here to see what options are available to you!

Indoor Recreational Soccer 2022-23

2022-23 Indoor Recreation Registration begins Monday, August 15th both Online & In-Person at the CYS Clubhouse.

Updated November 2nd: Any crossed off programs below are FULL & remaining programs have very limited spaces left available  - registration for each program (age/gender) will remain open until each group's specific 'Start Date'.

Program Year of
Location Session
Winter Time Winter Session
Winter Session
Tiny Tots 2020 ComDev Dome 30 min Sundays 9:15AM or
8 Weeks 29-Jan $115
u4 Mixed 2019 ComDev Dome 45 min Saturdays 10:00AM 10 Weeks 21-Jan $185
u5 Mixed 2018 ComDev Dome 45 min Saturdays 11:00AM  10 Weeks 21-Jan $185
u6 Mixed 2017 ComDev Dome 45 min Saturdays 12:00PM  10 Weeks 21-Jan $185
u7 Boys 2016 ComDev Dome 45 min Saturdays 1:00PM 10 Weeks 21-Jan $215
u7 Girls 2016 ComDev Dome 45 min Saturdays 2:00PM 10 Weeks 21-Jan $215
u8 Boys 2015 ComDev Dome 55 min Sundays 10:00AM 10 Weeks 22-Jan $215
u8/u9 Girls 2015/2014 ComDev Dome 55 min Fridays 6:00PM 10 Weeks 20-Jan $215
u10 Boys 2014/2013 ComDev Dome 55 min Sundays 10:30 & 11:00AM 10 Weeks 22-Jan $215
Tuesdays 6:00PM 17-Jan
u10/u11 Girls 2013/2012 ComDev Dome 55 min Fridays 6:30 &
10 Weeks 20-Jan $215
u12 Boys 2012/2011 ComDev Dome 55 min Sundays 12:00 & 12:30PM 10 Weeks 22-Jan $215
Tuesdays 7:00PM 17-Jan
u12/u14 Girls 2011/2010/2009 ComDev Dome 55 min Fridays 7:30 &
10 Weeks 20-Jan $215
u14 Boys 2010/2009 ComDev Dome 55 min Sundays 1:00 &
10 Weeks 22-Jan $215
u18 Boys 2008/2007
ComDev Dome 55 min Sundays 2:00 &
10 Weeks 22-Jan $215
u18 Girls 2008/2007
ComDev Dome 55 min Fridays 8:30 &
10 Weeks 20-Jan $215
Please note, all programming dates/times are subject to change due to registration numbers
Registration for Fall/Winter Programming begins Monday, August 15th, both in person (CYS Clubhouse) and online at

The Registration "2022-23 Indoor Winter Recreational Program" is not currently available.