Phase 3

Phase III – Any Player

  • Objective: Identify players inside & outside OPDL environments for remaining spots
  • Activity: Open Trials and Invitation Only Trials
  • Period: February 6th to April 9th, 2022

Open Trials

An open trial is open to players who desire an opportunity to demonstrate their ability to participate within an OPDL License Holder and is of appropriate age for registration and gender for the team’s designation.

A player must have the opportunity to attend a minimum of 3 of these events before a final decision is made on that player.

Players may attend more than one open trial simultaneously with different OPDL License Holders.

No more than 35 players should be allowed at each open trial to provide for a more responsible evaluation process.

Invitation Only Trials

Involves the interested OPDL License Holder contacting and asking for only specific players to return for further trials.

No player shall undertake more than one invitation-only trial at a time.

A player may attend a new invitation only trial once an existing invitation-only trial has been completed.

A player may attend a different invitation-only trial once the organizers of the existing trial have been informed in writing that the player wishes to terminate that trial.